Site Rules

Welcome to Nintendo Social! Our rules are simple and few, so please abide by them so we can have a fun, functional community. Rules are subject to change without warning, but moderators should be informing people before taking moderation actions, so don't worry.

For normal members:

1. Posting

  1. If you want to spam or post NSFW stuff, please do so in the "NSFW / Spam" forum at the bottom of the forum index. Keep your avatar PG as well.
  2. If you want to post member drama, please do so in the "Member Announcements & Drama forum" towards the top of the forum index.
  3. Other than that, please do not spam, start drama, or post NSFW stuff. And keep genitalia references nondescript. Moderators may ban if things get out-of-hand with NSFW stuff.
2. Have fun, but don't troll members. There's no need to go out of your way to be "nice", but if people leave the forums due to bullying itself, you are likely to get banned.

3. Don't impersonate other members, and don't impersonate site staff.

4. Be respectful to sensitive people by trying not to post high-contrast, quickly-flashing animations. We will ask you to remove or change them if you do. Thanks.

For moderators:

1. Member moderation

  1. Always inform members before moderating them.
  2. Do not ban members unless they bully or are too vulgar. Let people have unpopular opinions and let people get angry. That's just a part of being human. Be mature. Furthermore, "trolls" are not people who say things that are unpopular. Most people who argue or even play devil's advocate are not trolls. Trolls don't explain things or get angry over their arguments. Don't ban people for unpopular opinions.
  3. If I catch you banning people for personal reasons, I will unmod you. You have been warned. You are a mod for the board, not a mod for yourself. Be objective.
2. Topic moderation

  1. Please move topics when possible, instead of deleting them. If topics get, well, too off-topic, then the best thing you can do is split the topic into a new one and inform the person who changed the subject.
  2. Never, NEVER close topics if anything of value was ever said in them. It is bad practice and hurts anyone who finds the topic through a search engine. I don't care if everyone else closes old topics-- it's unhelpful. Keep topics open.
    The exception for this is Forum Activities. When they are completely finished, close and archive them.
Thank you. Enjoy the forums.