Astral City Server Package: For a Creative Grief-Proof Minecraft Server

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Astral City Server Package: For a Creative Grief-Proof Minecraft Server

Unread postby Solemn » Sun Feb 14, 2016 8:03 pm

The Zodiac-Themed, Simple-Setup, Creative Grief-Proof Minecraft Server

Created by Charles Mabe | Documentation ver. 1.0 | Currently supports Bukkit or Spigot, ver. 1.7.10
The Astral City Server package is a pre-made world and set of instructions and other files that allow even people with little time or experience to set up a beautiful creative Minecraft server that is very well-protected from people griefing others’ works. But the package also provides many other conveniences, too. Save yourself from weeks of work, mistakes, and headache by creating an Astral City server today!

Download here:
(14.3 MiB) Downloaded 67 times

Remember, the Astral City Server package isn’t grief-proof for everything. It only focuses on protecting peoples’ works from griefing, not on stopping chat spam or lag griefing or other kinds of griefing. For that stuff, you will want to set up extra plugins or precautions.

I also know that this documentation isn’t perfect and that something in the setup may not work perfectly or may contain unnecessary files or settings. If you find the documentation confusing or you notice problems with the server setup, comment in the thread where this package is provided or e-mail me at Thanks.



  1. Feature Overview
  2. Setting Up Your Server
  3. Running the Server: Tips and Need-to-Knows
  4. Common Commands
  5. To Do

I. Feature Overview

  • Simplicity is the most important feature
    Everything about this package, its setup, and the management of regions and of the server is designed to be as simple as possible. The need for a tool or package that makes it very simple to set up a well-protected creative server is the reason this package exists!
  • Highly-organized world
    The world’s city is very organized and relatively compact compared to other servers’ worlds. This allows for far easier moderation and makes it easier for people to share their works. Regions have teleport points already associated.
  • Extended region protection
    Regions are given to members to own and are protected from modification by anyone who is not a member or owner of that region. Streets stop water and lava flow before it reaches other areas. Explosions cannot damage peoples’ protected regions. Players cannot use WorldEdit in regions that they do not own or are members of. Regions can be easily recycled; they can be restored by Moderators to their out-of-box state with a simple command.
  • Pre-made ranks and permissions
    Simple and well-organized ranks and their permissions are already set up to be as helpful as possible and as not-limited as is reasonable. However, if new plugins are added, new permissions will have to be set.
  • Extended setup help
    Plugins are provided and this documentation provides step-by-step setup instructions as well as common commands and other helpful information.
  • And much more!
    There are a lot of cool little optimizations that aren’t otherwise documented. They include such details as: the center of the city being located at 0x 63y 0z so you can find the city easily; street lamps that turn on at night; color-coded region signs for simpler recognition; WorldEdit grief-proofing; and many more features.

II. Setting Up Your Server

  1. Create a fresh server using Bukkit or Spigot version 1.7.10. A Spigot Minecraft JAR file is provided in the package if you need it. Create a world called “astral-city” and set it as your in-use world. Then start and stop the server.
  2. Set your server’s
    • Game Mode: Creative
    • Enable Command Block: Disabled (for anti-griefing)
    • Force Game Mode: Enabled (helps with regions changed to Survival mode)
    • Hardcore: Disabled
    • Difficulty: Normal (for regions changed to Survival mode)
    • Op Permission Level: 1 (for anti-griefing)
    Important options to consider:
    • Spawn Monsters: Disabled
    • Allow Flying: Enabled
  3. Delete and upload your world. Delete everything in the directories “astral-city”, “astral-city_nether”, and “astral-city_the_end”. Then upload the contents of the Upload folder to the server’s root, overwriting files if necessary. Uploading will take a while, so go eat a snack or something. When uploading is finished, start and stop the server again.
  4. Set your plugins’ config settings:
    1. PermissionsEx’s config.yml:
      • AllowOps should be set to False
    2. WorldEdit’s config.yml
      • Max-polygonal-points: maximum: 24 (Astral City is zodiac-themed, and 24-point polygons allow for 12-pointed stars if you wish to create them.)
      • Snapshots: directory: snapshots
      • Saving: dir: ../../schematics
      • No-double-slash: true (makes commands easier to remember)
      • No-op-permissions: true (for anti-griefing)
    3. WorldeditRegions’ config.yml:
      • Max-region-count-per-player should be updated to whatever you wish. Maximum number is 24; 36 if you make gardens ownable.
    4. WorldGuard’s config.yml:
      • High-frequency-flags: true (allows for some anti-griefing commands)
      • Max-region-count-per-player: default: [whatever you put in WorldeditRegions’ config.yml]
      • Security: Deop-everyone-on-join: true (for anti-griefing)
      • Security: Block-in-game-op-command: true (for anti-griefing)
      • Summary-on-start: false (clears up chat a bit)
      • Op-permissions: false (for anti-griefing)
      • Protection: Item-durability: false (helps with regions changed to Survival mode)
      • Protection: Disable-xp-orb-drops: true (for anti-lag)
      • Mobs: Block-creeper-block-damage: true
      • Mobs: Block-wither-block-damage: true
      • Mobs: Block-wither-skull-block-damage: true
      • Mobs: Block-enderdragon-block-damage: true
      • Mobs: Block-fireball-block-damage: true
      • Mobs: Disable-enderman-griefing: true
      • Mobs: Block-painting-destroy: true
      • Mobs: Block-item-frame-destroy: true
      • Mobs: Block-zombie-door-destruction: true
      • Crops: Disable-creature-trampling: true
      • Crops: Disable-player-trampling: true
  5. Start the server. In the console, promote yourself to Admin rank with “/pex promote [player name]“. Then use the following commands:
    • gamerule doMobLoot false (for anti-lag)
    • gamerule doTileDrops false (for anti-lag)
    • gamerule keepInventory true (for convenience)
    • gamerule mobGriefing false (for anti-griefing)
    • gamerule naturalRegeneration false (helps with regions changed to Survival mode)
  6. Restart the server and promote some trustworthy people to Moderator so they and you can begin adding owners to the plots! Remember to make your spawn area interesting! Also, a map of the city is included in the documentation, so be sure to share it with your players.

III. Running the Server: Tips and Need-to-Knows

The layout of Astral City is as follows:

  • Every region is protected from modification by anyone who is not an owner or a member of that region.
    Sandboxes are the exception– they can be built in by anyone at any time.
  • Plots and Sectors are the regions recommended to give to Members. Plots are 64×64 blocks and Sectors are 346×346 blocks, and both reach from bedrock to the top of the sky.
  • Sector Sol is the spawn point. You can add members to it to help decorate it, but maintain it carefully.
  • Gardens are recommended to be maintained by the Admin or by Moderators instead of being given to Members. They can gracefully separate others’ works from each other and can make good survival game areas or other places of interest. You can still give them to Members if you wish though.
  • Streets are all named and stop lava and water flow before they reach the sidewalks (and by extention, other peoples’ regions). That means that they don’t just look nice– they help prevent people from griefing neighboring regions.

There are five player ranks in this server setup:

  • Guests – Players join as Guests by default. They cannot use WorldEdit and it is recommended that they are not given plots or sectors to own. They cannot teleport to players or teleport players to them. This rank was created to help prevent griefing. Don’t forget to promote your friends from this rank to the Member rank and then give them plots or sectors to own.
  • Members – Members can use WorldEdit in regions that they own. They can also teleport to players and teleport players to them.
  • Moderators – Moderators can add owners to regions, ban players, and do some server management functions including restoring regions to how they were before players built on them. They can set the time and the weather. They can also promote players from Guest to Member.
  • Admins – Admins are basically Moderators except they can make other people Moderators as well.
  • Super Admins – A Super Admin can do anything on the server. No one should be a Super Admin, but if you must have one, only promote the server owner (yourself). It’s better not to trust anyone else with this rank.

The Op command and Op player type are completely disabled in favor of the Moderator rank in order to minimize griefing and to give necessary abilities to would-be Ops.

IV. Common Commands
Note: Region names, such as “PlotSagittarius”, are not case-sensitive.

Also Note: The rest of the commands can be found by searching for “CraftBukkit commands”, “WorldEdit permissions”, “WorldGuard commands”, “WorldGuard region commands”, and “PermissionsEx commands”. I will not put links here due to likely future changes in the URLs.

For Moderators:

  • Promote or demote players to another rank:
    /promote [player name]
    /demote [player name]

  • Add or remove owners to or from a region:
    /addowner [region name] [player name]
    /removeowner [region name] [player name]

    Example: /addowner SectorAries Sloggy196
  • Select a region and restore it to its original state:
    Place a block on the region to make sure the server knows that the current version of the region is different from the snapshot version. Then:
    /rg select [region name]
Note: As a moderator, you can use schematics. When loading schematics, remember that their names are case-senstive.

For anyone:

  • Look up information about a region:
    /rg info (when standing in a region)
    /rg info [region name]
  • Teleport to a Plot or Sector:
    /rg tp [region name]
    Example: /rg tp SectorCapricorn

V. To Do

  • Create region teleport points for gardens and sandboxes.
  • Update teleport points to be on the side nearest Sector Sol.
  • Reverse Sector Taurus gate colors (they’re backwards).
  • Add group prefixes. For some reason, prefixes aren’t working in PermissionsEx.
  • (Hypothetical) Wait for Bukkit/Spigot 1.8 or 1.9 to be fully supported.
  • (Hypothetical) Hope for someone to help carry on my work.
  • Import Astral City into a normal world using MCEdit.


Astral City Server package | Created by Solemn. If you have any feedback or requests, comment on the thread where this package is provided or e-mail me at No credit is needed for use, but if you like this package, please recommend it to others!

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