Craftable Elytra Plugin for Bukkit 1.9 (Minecraft)

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Craftable Elytra Plugin for Bukkit 1.9 (Minecraft)

Unread postby Solemn » Wed Mar 09, 2016 5:53 pm

A couple days ago some of my friends asked me to put up a Minecraft 1.9 survival server. I agreed, but only if I could make the server better for them by allowing them to have Elytra gliders available from the start of the game.

So I requested a plugin on here: And now we have it! Craftable Elytra!

Credit goes to cluter123, who took my request. The version I am providing for download has been slightly modified by me. You'll need a Bukkit-plugin-supporting 1.9+ server. Just extract the .zip and upload the .jar into your plugins folder, as you do with plugins.

(2.69 KiB) Downloaded 107 times
Version 1.1

How to Craft Elytra

All you need is six stone pressure plates and a stick. Then arrange them to look like a pair of Elytra, as shown in the screenshot below. Works in any mode of Minecraft on a server that supports Bukkit plugins. Enjoy!


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