SNAP Walkthrough: The Legend of Zelda

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SNAP Walkthrough: The Legend of Zelda

Unread postby Solemn » Sat Feb 13, 2016 9:00 pm

A “SNAP walkthrough” stands for a Strategy-less Name And Picture walkthrough. A SNAP walkthrough is a special, minimalistic “strategy” guide for a video game–- one that lists no actual strategy. Instead, it acts as a visual reminder of what items you can get next (without exploits), focusing on 100% completion, earliest optimizations, and no real reading. It includes only a picture of the next quest item you can get; and under it its name, location, and what items you possibly don’t already have that you’ll need in order to get said quest item.

Besides for beginners, this kind of walkthrough is also great for people who are replaying the game and who don’t want to read too much just to remember what they can get next and when. So why read through large paragraphs in a standard strategy guide when you can find out what the next chest or quest item is in a snap?

I, Solemn, conceptualized the SNAP walkthrough to help me to be more motivated to 100% my favorite adventure games in repeated playthroughs. I hope that this concept takes off and that I can see more of these in the future! Anyway, here is my SNAP walkthrough for The Legend of Zelda.



The Legend of Zelda SNAP Walkthrough

By Charles Mabe (SolemnDream)
Date: June 9, 2015
Version 1.0

No credit is needed. Suggestions for improvement are encouraged! Please share this and make your own SNAP walkthroughs!

Note: As a 100% guide, I decided that this walkthrough should cover all medicine shops and secret rupee locations. I listed them so they would be obtained at times when I thought they would be most helpful. Enjoy!

Note #2: While the first half of this guide focuses on item-gathering, you may notice that it sends you all over the map and isn't the most efficient route. This is because the guide tries to make sure you have enough rupees for each next item without wasting any and without killing almost any enemies; and it is because this guide tries to prioritize survival upgrades earlier over other items. I hope this decision will be helpful to many players.

Just remember to skip Secret Rupees until after you spend some if you're about to reach your max!

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