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List of Forums Games Ideas

Unread postby Solemn » Sun Feb 14, 2016 4:17 am

Game Name:

1. ^ Up < Side v Down

Everyone posts a three-part message:
^ [Up] Answer the above person's question.
< [Side] Say what you are doing now or what you are preparing to do.
v [Down] Ask the below person a question.


  • The first post in the game can't answer a question, obviously.
  • Don't say "Side" things like "sitting in front of my computer" or "posting on the forums". Say something meaningful.
  • Don't ask highly-personal questions.
  • Don't ask people if they are also doing what you are doing.


Player 1:
< Buying stuff for my first cat.
v How many tacos did you eat?

Player 2:
^ Not enough
< Buying more tacos
v Do you like Mexican food?


2. Alphabet Story

The starting person begins a story with a sentence that starts with the letter "A". The next person continues the story by posting a sentence starting with the letter "B". The third person posts a sentence starting with "C", and so on. Once you get to Z, the next poster can either continue the story or start a new one.

Only post a single sentence. No run-ons, comma splices, or semi-colons, etc.

If you must use a couple super-short sentences to complete the idea, then the limit for your post is up to 20 words. Example:

Only one sentence, you say? That will never do!


3. Telephone

The starting person says a five- or six-word sentence. The next person quotes that sentence but changes one word, or two adjacent words. They then respond to the "misheard" quote. The third person changes one word or word pair from the second person's response and then responds to that, and on.

If you change two words instead of one, don't change two words that are not next to each other.


Player 1:
I love spicy Mexican food.

Player 2:
"I love hairy Mexican food."

Do you eat hair often?

Player 3:
"Do you eat air often?"

I prefer to bathe in it.

Player 4:
"I prefer extra cheese in it."

Why is there never enough cheese?


4. Rob Schneider Is... Slapstick!

Rob Schneider Is.jpg

Your job is to hurt Rob Schneider. Hey, he's a slapstick comedian. It's what he does! Just post how he got hurt and then set it up for the next player.


Starting player:
Rob Schneider starts on top of a tower. He...

Player 2:
...falls onto a horse-drawn hay buggy, getting straw in his eyes, and...

Player 3:
...turns into... a carrot! And is half-eaten by the horse. Then he...

Player 4: reincarnated back into Rob Schnieder, who gets hit by a passing bus. Then he...


Stop surprise-adopting me.

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Re: List of Forums Games Ideas

Unread postby Stritix » Thu Mar 17, 2016 5:43 pm

I was thinking of creating a Nintendo version of "Continue the Story". Would anyone be interested?

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